Quench Your Thirst With A Taste Of DonMonique

First Look Friday: Quench Your Thirst With A Taste Of DonMonique

First Look Friday: DonMonique Interview
Photo by Tyra Mitchell for Okayplayer.

Do you know what a thirst trap is? It is the ultimate visual expression meant to titillate and entice the viewer into becoming captivated. To the uninitiated, Brooklyn’s own DonMonique serves as the personification of thirst trap made real. Her hypnotic party track, “Pilates (Kendall, Kylie, Miley),” made audiophiles drool over the cute and sexy variation of trap music that she has been credited with inventing. “My music is trappy, but at the same time it is cute and it is sexy,” she told Pigeons and Planes last year in an interview. Her debut EP, appropriately titled Thirst Trap, finds the Kings County MC purring, cooing and oozing sex appeal while mixing in the drug-dealing tropes of trap with her own millennial-generation slang.

A pure burst of color and energy in an industry where too many artists are attempting to parrot other’s successes, DonMonique’s presence on-and-off the mic commands attention, but never begs for any to come her way. In the time since her EP has hit the interwebs, she has gone on to be featured on tracks with Danny Brown, Thelonious Martin, Chuck Inglish and has even had Thirst Trap remixed by H-Town legend, OG Ron C. By making no compromises on her story, style and sensibilities, DonMonique is an act that’s all of her own creation and follows it up with cocksure couplets and polished bars that are indicative of her East Coast upbringing.

With a sound that’s befitting of her Brooklyn roots, DonMonique maneuvers her career with a sense of independence that would make Beyonc√© Knowles proud. In a short time, this attention-grabbing MC has gone from unknown to highly celebrated, while never compromising her crazysexycool for no one. This week’s First Look Friday is super-self-assured, and we speak with DonMonique about touring with Santigold, being inspired by Foxy Brown¬†and why Brooklyn is on the verge of a comeback. Get familiar with her Thirst Trap EP below and enjoy our exclusive chat with the trap queen!

Okayplayer: To music snobs the world over, you are making an impact on both sides of the U.S. What is it that those in Brooklyn are seeing and hearing that the world has yet to discover?

DonMonique: I actually feel like it is the other way around. The world is hearing and seeing me grinding, experimenting with music and growing as an artist. New York City doesn’t really support each other as much. [And while] some people are aware, the rest will wake up soon.

OKP: For those who have a passion for music, they honed their skills and practiced their craft. Who are your most cherished influences in music and why?

DM: I really look up to Foxy Brown a lot. Career wise, I like how she moved. She always did her own thing. She hung out with other rap crews but she was never down. She was never the “First Lady” under other n****s. She was just Foxy Brown. That is the path that I want to continue to go through [in my journey].

OKP: Your album, Thrist Trap, is very dope and has placed you on the radar of music snobs who have a heavy presence in the industry. Can you talk about how life was for you while developing as an artist in Brooklyn? How have you reacted to your first bits of press?

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