ESPN Replaces Sage Steele With Michelle Beadle For 'NBA Countdown'

ESPN Replaces Sage Steele With Michelle Beadle For 'NBA Countdown'

ESPN's Sage Steele Defends The #MuslimBan + Twitter Blasts Her For It

Photo of Sage Steele courtesy of ESPN.

Michelle Beadle will be replacing ESPN network veteran Sage Steele as the full-time host on the show NBA Countdown.

Beadle, who rose to popularity as personality on ESPN2’s SportsNation, joined NBA Countdown at the beginning of the season, and has led the Wednesday and Friday episodes. This likely means that Sage Steele will no longer have a role in ESPN’s NBA coverage.

As a staple on ESPN for a decade, two occasions stick out as examples of when Sage was at the center of controversy over the past year and change. From ending her interview with Arcade Fire lead singer Win Butler when he voiced his opinions during the NBA’s Celebrity All-Star Game to when she complained about Trump’s #MuslimBan affecting her travel plans — Sage has tainted her reputation with viewers from those episodes.

With Beadle joining NBA Countdown alongside former players-turned-analysts Jalen Rose and Chauncey Billups in a full-time capacity, she gives the show a fresh kick in the pants. “The only thing better than working for Connor Schell and Kevin Wildes is being able to spend each day with all of the incredibly talented people at NBA Countdown and SportsNation,” Beadle said. “It’s the best job in sports.”

What does this mean for Sage Steele’s future? We shall see.

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