Eryn Allen Kane Speaks Baltimore, New Tour

The Okayplayer Interview: Eryn Allen Kane On "Baltimore," Her 1st Tour + More

The Okayplayer Interview: Eryn Allen Kane On 'Aviary Act III' & First Tour

Gifted, strong and blessed with the pipes that shed light on the ills of the world, Eryn Allen Kane is budding star from Detroit’s East Side. After profiling her in our First Look Friday series, the 26-year-old singer-songwriter the demanding 2015. From television appearances on Chicago airwaves to rocking the stage alongside Prince, Ms. Kane had superbly kept her name on everyone’s radar with intriguing music and powerful performances.

For those who happened to miss our introduction (you can catch up HERE) — Eryn Allen Kane is steeped in soul, rooted in success and driven to become one of the new greats in our era. The Detroit School of the Arts graduate—yes, the same attended by the late Aaliyah Haughton—has utilized her talents for the booth and the camera and unleashed them to the masses approval. As her recent EP, Aviary: Act II, continues to earn new listeners and fans — Eryn’s excellent appeal is rooted in her every woman appeal, her charismatic sense of self and her duty to fight against injustice.

We were blessed to have the Chicago transplant grace our office to talk about her first tour. Kicking off in New York, Eryn Allen Kane was as humorous as she was fiery about elevating her style past what’s expected. Despite the craziness she told us about her inaugural night, the artist dubbed as one of “Prince’s favorites” is cooler than a polar bear’s toenails and funnier than Kevin Hart trying to change a light bulb. So, as we enthusiastically showcase the “How Many Times” crooner’s style, please read this exclusive chat where she offers an answer to Aviary Act III; shares her thoughts and concerns about American racism and provides thoughts about her debut road act.

Okayplayer: How do you as an artist feel about EPs over LPs? Your other treats, Aviary Act I and Act II have been short offerings.

Eryn Allen Kane: Okay, so, I’m new in the game and I know that LPs are long-plays. Which do I like better? Well, I like the full-length joints better when I want to listen to music, yet they are more expensive to create. The EPs are great because it kind of gives the world an introduction to who you are as an artist and that’s what I wanted to do with this. In that sense, I love them both—EPs and LPs—it’s all music to me. There are really no cons to liking either one. There’s a little bit more energy and effort that goes into the LP, but the reward is the same.

OKP: Do you feel like the material that’s on the EP is going to be on the LP? Or do you want to start off your next project fresh?

EAK: That’s a really good question. I’m already starting to make plans for the next thing. People are asking, “Is it going to be Aviary Act III…?” and I’m like, “No,” [laughs] “I think Aviary is dead at this point.” Now, we have to fly out of the cage and explore the world! We’re gone at this point and it is a beautiful time. With us doing this whole new thing for the next album, we’re more or less going to find ways to definitely tie into Aviary Act II.

OKP: How did your 2015 get you prepared for the life you’d be living in 2016?

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