Eric B. May Face Prison Time Stemming From 2002 Case
Eric B. May Face Prison Time Stemming From 2002 Case
Photo by Anthony Pidgeon / Redferns for Getty

"I'm Glad It's Over": Eric B. Avoids Prison Sentence Stemming From Arrest On 2002 Warrant

Eric B. May Face Prison Time Stemming From 2002 Case Photo by Anthony Pidgeon / Redferns for Getty

UPDATE: Eric B. has avoided a prison sentence following his recent arrest on a 2002 warrant.

Despite prosecutors arguing in favor of Eric B. serving a 364-day prison sentence (his initial serving when he was sentenced back in 2002), a judge has instead opted for a year of probation. If the rapper violates the law during that period he may face a 90-day jail sentence.

Outside the courthouse following the ruling, Eric B. said, "I'm glad it's over," according to the Guardian.

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The rapper and actor was recently arrested in New Jersey and jailed for two weeks because of a 17-year-old warrant.

Eric B. may face prison time stemming from a case that occurred 17 years ago.

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In a report from the New York Times, Eric B. pleaded guilty in New Jersey state court to eluding arrest and aggravated assault back in January 2002. The charges came about when the rapper failed to stop his Range Rover after police had signaled him to pull over. The incident ended when a patrol car crashed into Eric B.'s vehicle to bring it to a halt.

The actor was supposed to be sentenced in March 2002, with prosecutors agreeing to recommend a 364-day jail term and probation. But Eric B. failed to show because his lawyer at the time told him he didn't need to show up to court, resulting in the warrant that led to his recent arrest. The rapper wasn't even aware that he had a warrant until last month, when law enforcement authorities in Vermont informed of it.

Although he was released after being held in Bergen County Jail for two weeks, Eric B. is now scheduled to appear in Bergen County Superior Court on Friday. Patrick Toscano, the rapper's current lawyer, will argue that Eric B. should be spared jail or prison time.

Per the Times:

The top count that Mr. Barrier pleaded to in 2002, eluding arrest, is a felony that carries a possible prison sentence of up to five years, Mr. Toscano said.

Prior to Toscano, Paul Bergrin was Eric B.'s lawyer. Bergrin was indicted in 2011 on more than 30 counts, including witness tampering, murder, drug trafficking and racketeering. He is currently serving a life sentence at the United States Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility.

Source: New York Times