Historical Emmett Till Sign Riddled With Bullets 35 Days After Being Replaced

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Emmett Till HBO Miniseries To Be Produced By Jay Z & Will Smith

Emmett Till HBO Miniseries To Be Produced By Jay Z & Will Smith

A memorial sign dedicated to Emmett Till has been vandalized with bullet holes.

The sign, which marks where Till’s body was recovered from the Tallahatchie River, has been vandalized for a fourth time, with this latest instance happening just 35 days after the sign was replaced, according to the Clarion-Ledger.

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“The Emmett Till Interpretive Center is committed to seeing the sign replaced,” Patrick Weems, a co-founder of the center, said. “We have already begun plans to replace the sign and have notified local law enforcement about the vandalism.”

“Our mission is to continue to tell the truth as it concerns the Emmett Till story. We are saddened by these events but are unwavering in our commitment to truth and racial reconciliation,” he added.

However, some argue that the sign should be left as is to show that progress still needs to be made in regards to race relations in America.

“The bullet holes bear eloquent witness to the fact that work remains to be done,” Dave Tell, author of the forthcoming book Remembering Emmett Till, said. “That the memory of Till’s murder still cuts a rift through the heart of the modern day Delta.”

Several weeks ago came news that the Department of Justice had reopened Till’s case 63 years after his death. The case was closed in 2007 after authorities said the suspects had died and the state grand jury didn’t file any charges. The DOJ reopened the case after reportedly receiving “new information.”

Source: Clarion-Ledger

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