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Eminem And Redman Salute Each Other On Shade 45

Eminem And Redman Salute Each Other On Shade 45

Hip-hop fans and historians have long understood the competitive nature of MC’s, DJ’s and Breakers ever since the beginning. With that said, it is equally no secret that two of the fiercest lyrical warriors have a vaulted respect for one another.

New Jersey’s own devil, Redman, and Detroit’s dirty dozen delinquent, Eminem, were championing each other’s mutual appreciation on a recent jaunt on the latter’s Shade 45 radio station.

“I was cleaning out my closet, pun intended, and ran across this old picture and s**t,” Em said, recounting a story that made him remember just how big of a Redman fan he was while coming up in the music industry. “I was like, ‘What the f**k is, oh s**t.’ I realized, the first time I had ever went to New York, we actually, we went to New York and then went to Jersey, me and Bizarre went to record with The Outsidaz.”

The rest of that story is pretty cool, if you think about it. While hanging with The Outsidaz and Pace Won, Eminem and Bizarre was taken to Redman’s house. Yes, the one that’s been featured twice on MTV’s Cribs television show. The shock and awe of visiting one of your favorite rapper’s real-life humble abode didn’t dilute the energy of the moment. It was then that Eminem, fresh faced and just a newbie in the rap game, decided to take a picture to chronicle the moment.

“I took the picture out the back window of your house on some fan shit,” he said. “It was like, ‘Holy s**t. That’s Redman’s house!'”

The architect behind Muddy Waters 2 said that he would be happy to autograph the photo and reiterated how thankful he is for Eminem’s contribution to the rap game. “You’re one of my favorite artists, too,” Red said on Shade 45. “Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ve got my support over here, brother.”

The two have spoken well of each other in the past, as Eminem placed Red in his top three MC’s list alongside The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur. Meanwhile, Red has been mutually respectful of the Shady/Aftermath rhymer, saying, “We take this Hip-Hop culture serious. We not going by how many spins we got on the air. We’re not appealing to the new audience. We’re not going by that. We’re going by our longevity, what we did in the game, our cornerstone. How did we hold our cornerstone of the Rap Game down?”

To answer simply, these two held it down excellent and creatively.

You can hear the chat for yourself below:

H/T: MLive

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