DaBaby at SXSW
DaBaby at SXSW
Photo Credit: Vickey Ford of Sneakshot Photography

Elizabeth Warren Says She Prefers DaBaby Over Snoop Dogg

DaBaby at SXSW Photo Credit: Vickey Ford of Sneakshot Photography

She also prefers Megan Thee Stallion over Lizzo.

During a campaign event at North Carolina A&T in Greensboro, Elizabeth Warren spoke with political commentator Angela Rye about her "Medicare For All" plan, as well as answered questions from those that were in attendance.

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At one point during the event, Rye and Warren engaged in a quick question and answer session, where the former asked the latter who she preferred more: DaBaby or Snoop Dogg.

According to CNN political reporter Daniella Diaz, Warren chose DaBaby. Rye also asked Warren who she preferred in regards to Houston artists Megan Thee Stallion and Lizzo, to which Warren chose the former.

Considering Warren was only two hours away from Charlotte (DaBaby's hometown), it's understandable why she would choose the "Suge" rapper over Snoop.

In related news, Snoop recently declared Top Dawg Entertainment, the independent record label that features artists Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, SZA, SiR and many others, the "better version" of Death Row Records.

While speaking with TDE at the REVOLT Summit in Los Angeles on Sunday (October 27), Snoop Dogg asked members of the label if there was any label that preceded them that modeled themselves after, and specifically named Death Row.

"We absolutely followed the model of Death Row," TDE president Punch said. "Y’all had the stars, y’all had the hits, y’all had the street credibility…everything across the board."

"I think — and this is me saying it from being in Death Row and being on the outside looking at y’all — y’all are a better version of Death Row Records," Snoop replied. "That’s with no disrespect. That’s with all respect because once you look and you see somebody do it the right way and you see ’em do it the wrong way and then you get a chance to do it your own way, then you able to take the wrong out and do it the right way. That’s why y’all been able to sustain for so long. You and Top Dawg, y’all some top dog bosses."