Elevator Jay's New EP, 'Slurred in Mecklenburg' Is A Must-Hear

Elevator Jay's New EP, 'Slurred in Mecklenburg' Is Southern Fried Goodness

by Kevito
September 16, 2016 10:30 AM


North Carolina born-and-raised MC, Elevator Jay, has been in love with music since a young age. Honing his ears to sense the best moments in jazz, blue, Southern rap and psychedelic funk — Jay has cultivated those tones to create his own unique sound. To be fair to the rest of the game, Elevator Jay has added an original beat to his story with rich lyrical content and true expression of life below the Mason-Dixon.

After releasing his first project, the Going Up Mixtape, back in 2010 with DJ Dexter Dynamite — Elevator Jay has employed his new twist in the form of Slurred in Mecklenburg. The eight track EP pays homage to his home, while attempting to captivate a new audience with his diverse and imaginative sound. “This EP is the soundtrack to a hot summer weekend in the South,” Jay told us in an email. “Even if you don’t live in the South, you will still get a glimpse of it by listening to this. For a long time, the Carolinas has been overlooked or represented in a way that just didn’t stick. It’s about that time us Carolinians show y’all how we really get down.”

With a passion for his hometown, a budding reputation as a deft live performer and a one-of-a-kind event with Sailor Jerry and Crunk Energy — Elevator Jay is a true blue music creator and you should press play on this EP now to set your weekend off right.

Listen to Slurred in Mecklenburg below and be sure to follow him on Twitter @ElevatorJay.

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