Watch A 'Goodbye Jon Stewart' Remix From Eclectic Method

Eclectic Method Salutes Jon Stewart With A New 'Daily Show' Remix Clip

Jon Stewart Eclectic Method

We’re inch closer to the end of an era: on August 6th Jon Stewart will sign off as the host of The Daily Show for the last time, leaving behind a 16 year legacy on the Comedy Central program. With his scathing wit and irreverent humor (along with a few very hip-hop moments), Stewart has become not just a mainstay of his network, but of television media and youth culture itself. To commemorate Stew Beef’s departure (and send him up just a bit), the fine folks at Eclectic Method have put together a new remix video that compiles dozens of different mini-clips from past episodes, spinning them into a single statement about leaving The Daily Show that is also a remix of its iconic theme song.

The video does a fantastic job of taking Stewart’s words and turning them back on him as we’re treated to essentially a time-traveling self-commemoration of his rich, complex career as The Daily Show‘s host. Scenes from the past flash by at high speed, including coverage of the Y2K computer glitch, Mark McGuire’s P.E.D. use, the recent Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling and various Donald Trump shenanigans. It’s a catch tribute to a man who has caught and kept our attention for a decade and a half. Watch the Eclectic Method clip below and tune into the online broadcast of every Daily Show episode ever here.

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