Earl Sweatshirt Debunks Fame, Talks Black Lives Matter
Earl Sweatshirt Debunks Fame, Talks Black Lives Matter

"Deification Divides" - Earl Sweatshirt Debunks Fame-Worship, Talks Black Lives Matter

Earl Sweatshirt Debunks Fame, Talks Black Lives Matter

Amongst the Off Future alum ranks, Earl Sweatshirt has been a notoriously vocal advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement and the many unspoken vices of being constantly hoisted into the spotlight. A recent interview with A Country Called Earth found Earl ruminating on these very subjects across from the ever-intrepid, Ferrari Sheppard.

Their chat, though short in length, packed an astounding depth, with Earl debunking fame-worship and pondering the duties of celebrity, accepting his role as teacher to the masses. Elsewhere, they discuss beating up Christopher Columbus, seeking asylum in other countries, reconnecting with Earl's father (famed South African poet, Keorapetse Kgositsile) as well as how Black Live Matter has already altered the social fabric of the country for the better. Read a few excerpts from their sit-down below and hit the link to catch the full script of Earl Sweatshirt's interview with A Country Called Earth. 

>>Read the full interview (via A Country Called Earth

Earl ponders fame:

"If you had asked me to describe fame a few years ago, I would’ve told you that fame is a stressful and dehumanizing pedestal, because that’s what it was for me. I didn’t get the privilege of having a choice when it came to the ascent of my name and likeness and music. Naturally, I was upset. Fast forward to 2016. I’m still not an advocate for deification, so I take every opportunity I can to assert my humanity to those who are still invested in putting me on a pedestal. Deification divides."

Earl on Black Lives Matter:

"Black Lives Matter has already demonstrated that it has the power to shift the societal landscape by bringing awareness to age old issues that have plagued us as a people. I’m fully behind it."