Dizzy Wright Talks New Mixtape, Studying The Greats & More w/ Hard Knock TV

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Here we have part 2 of Dizzy Wright's sit-down with Hard Knock TV. In the latest clip, Dizzy talks about the struggle to initially get his music heard, and his refusal to just make the typical sound people were asking for. From there, he goes on to discuss his much talked about new project, The Golden Age, and the research he had to put in to craft it. As Dizzy explains it: "To make a great album you have to know what a great album sounds like...So I just kind of studied my greats...[Now] it got to the cornier side of Hip Hop...I just didn't want to be a part of that." Dizzy also discusses the inspiration behind the dope ass album artwork (crafted by the homie Skam2?). He also weighs in with his feelings on Kendrick's "Control" verse: "I'm coming for everybody's spot even Kendrick's spot but the music is supposed to do the most talking. Not the verse that you throw on the same beat he threw his verse on...not the response or the diss...[but] the actual music. You as an artists have to step it up...The Kendricks, The J Coles, The Hopsins, The Kanyes have already made me want to step my game up." - well said. Watch the full Q&A, below. Part 3 comes next week.