Ed Sheeran Is Being Sued For Copying Marvin Gaye

Did Ed Sheeran Copy Marvin Gaye's 'Let's Get It On' On 'Thinking Out Loud'?

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Marvin Gaye is back in the news for someone attempting to copy his style, as Ed Sheeran has been accused of hijacking elements of “Let’s Get It On” for his hit single, “Thinking Out Loud”.

The song, which became the first ever to spend a full 365 days in the UK’s top 40, became Sheeran’s first number one single, and went on to top charts in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Denmark, the Netherlands, Slovakia and South Africa.

“Thinking Out Loud” also won Song of the Year at the 2016 Grammy Awards.

Ed Townsend, who composed and co-wrote the lyrics to “Let’s Get It On” in 1973, filed the infringement lawsuit in federal court in the Southern District of New York. Townsend has requested that the suit is assessed at a jury trial, and alleges the harmonic progressions, melodic and rhythmic elements central to Gaye’s track formed the structure of Sheeran’s hit.

You can listen to both songs and get an idea of what is being alleged for yourself below:

“The defendants copied the ‘heart’ of ‘Let’s’ and repeated it continuously throughout ‘Thinking,'” the lawsuit read, according to Reuters. “The melodic, harmonic and rhythmic compositions of ‘Thinking’ are substantially and/or strikingly similar to the drum composition of ‘Let’s.'”

Neither Ed Sheeran, nor his spokesperson has yet to respond to any requests for comment.

The lawsuit comes on the heels of last year’s huge lawsuit where Marvin Gaye’s family successfully argued and won $7.4m from Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams for copyright infringement over their single, “Blurred Lines”. Richard Busch, who served as the attorney for the Gaye Family, is representing Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard in another case surrounding Sheeran. They are arguing that “Photograph” copies “note-for-note” their 2009 song, “Amazing,” which was released as the third single by Matt Cardle, winner of the 2010 season of The X Factor.

Sheeran has not publicly addressed that claim either.

This is still a developing story. We will keep you posted if anything changes.

H/T: Complex

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