Marv Won Gets Busy On 'Suicide Squad' w/ Royce Da 5'9"

Detroit's Own Marv Won + Royce Da 5'9" Body The Beat On 'Suicide Squad' [Premiere]

by Kevito
4 years ago

Hip-hop, as a phenomenon and a culture, requires diligence, skill, perseverance and prowess when it comes to standing out and shining around the globe. For Marv Von, an internationally recognized MC, he has all those traits plus an incredible work ethic as he showcases on his newest track, “Suicide Squad,” which features Royce Da 5’9″.

The two Motor City lyricists go ham-and-cheese over the Marv Won-produced beat as they prove why Detroit is one of the “best breeding ground [places] for an emcee on the planet.” Yes, if you don’t have the stomach to trek down to the tough and gritty Detroit underground scene then you can press play and witness the evolution of Marv Won as an artist.

With these two wordsmith leading the charge on “Suicide Squad,” those who have been cut from the cloth of KRS-One and Kool G. Rap will enjoy listening to this steel-sharpens-steel-esque track.

Listen as these two legends in the making get busy over “Suicide Squad” and keep an eye out for upcoming show dates from Marv Von shortly! Download the song on Bandcamp by clicking here.

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