Destiny's Child Reunite For Delightful #MannequinChallenge Submission

Destiny's Child Reunite For Delightful #MannequinChallenge Submission

by zo
November 07, 2016 5:29 PM

Destiny's Child Reunite For #MannequinChallenge Delight

Just a few weeks back, rumors of a full-fledged Destiny’s Child reunion began to take form after an official Instagram account for the r&b trio emerged on the internets. With 45,500 followers and just five posts of vintage DC photos up on the account, there’s been nothing remotely revelatory put through on the gram.

But new rumor mill chatter will surely develop in the wake of another IG spectacle. Today on Kelly Rowland’s Instagram account, a video was posted featuring all three members doing their damndest freeze frame in a delightful #MannequinChallenge submission, scored by Miss Lauryn Hill‘s immutable “Every Ghetto, Every City.” Whether this means something is truly afoot in the Destiny’s Child realm is hard to determine at the moment, but if we’re to (over) analyze the brief clip for clues, you’ll notice that it appears the trio is onset for a shoot of some sort. There’s really nothing else to go by here, unfortunately. But the fact that Kelly, Michelle and Bey are all in one place at one time, doing¬†something,¬†should bring a smile to the hopeful hearts out there, holding out for the three-piece to rejoin.

For now, all we have is this clip of Destiny’s Child in suspended motion. We’ll be sure to inform you of any other movements.


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