Denmark Vessey Wants Us To Think Happy Thoughts

Denmark Vessey Wants Us To "Think Happy Thoughts" In New Video [OKP Premiere]

OKP Premiere: Denmark Vessey Wants Us To 'Think Happy Thoughts' In New Video

Denmark Vessey is looking to capitalizing on having one of the dopest albums of 2015 with Martin Lucid Dream. With his creative freedom at the max this year, the celebrated young rapper/producer has an intriguing effort that we are excited to be presenting via Okayplayer world premiere. Armed with a deadly combination of dopeness and real talk, Denmark’s flow embodies the spirit of a rebellious voice in the game with this latest video, “Think Happy Thoughts.”

Directed by Jeremy Ian Thomas, the Exile-produced song takes on a visual of epic proportions. With frightening images of Donald Trump, Adolph Hitler and nuclear holocaust, Vessey thinks about the more beautiful things in life such as healthy family, the love from good friends and peace and tranquility from within. If you find yourself troubled by the real life issues of the day (both personal and professional) then “Think Happy Thoughts” is just the remedy for you and yours. Stay woke, by all means. But you can’t stay woke if you let the egregious¬†fvckery of the world drown your spirit and overwhelm your senses, that seems to be Vessey’s message here. An essential part of staying woke is knowing when to sleep and even, perhaps, to dream. If Vessey’s growing discography is any indication, artistic expression is proper means for achieving both of these elevated states–and some particular works of art can maybe even help us achieve both at the same time.

Press play and inject some happiness into your DNA this Tuesday afternoon by watching the video below + Don’t forget you can get your own Denmark Vessey merch + album by clicking here and here.

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