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Stream The Latest Project From L.A. Artist def sound, ‘TIMEⓁⒺⓈⓈ.’

Stream The Latest Project From L.A. Artist def sound, ‘TIMEⓁⒺⓈⓈ.’

def sound

def sound

A few months after releasing his last project, ∆∆∆’s • OF • NEON, L.A. artist def sound returns today with a new project for us. Def continues to push the boundaries with his latest surprise release, TIMEⓁⒺⓈⓈ., a 4 movement project with vocal contributions from Kadhja Bonet and Def rocking over the production of Lykta, James Blake, A. Chal, and Def himself. The L.A. lyricist gives a pretty thorough break down of each movement, get that and the music, below.

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1. Movement 1 feat. Kadhja Bonet ☾Prod. by . Lykta ☽ I won’t over explain it but originally called “UN.forget.” this movement is about thee longing for a love that you haven’t met yet (keyword yet). It’s like sending a friend request to thee girl of your dreams hoping she becomes the woman of your reality. Our idea of what we believe we want is just composites or collages of our favorite ppl. IDK Most of my love songs are written from a legit lonely place. I’m like Drake but I don’t blame thee woman in thee situation. Some things are nobodies fault.
2. Mvmnt 2 (I thought it would be funny to not use vowels, because that’s cool) ☾Original Prod. by . James Blake ☽ This James Blake opened me to a new level. I’m still recovering. I used this inspiration to actually dive deeper into myself. I’ve kinda been feeling like if I don’t tell my OWN personal story, who will ? So I wrote an AutobioActual account of my first memory as a child.
I hope you enjoy it.
3. Movementation tr3s ☾Prod. by . A. CHAL ☽ This song is a bit of a trip in a Tardis for me sooo I don’t really wanna talk about this song, but I love it though and I don’t want to give any of it away. Low key though Thee vocal samples in thee beat are from thee film Buffalo 66.
4. Finale Movement 4 ☾Prod. by . Def Sound feat. Live Bass by Alex Szotak ☽ I’ve been making beats lately so I thought I would share one for once. I’m still growing into my own possibilities. Special thankfulness to Alex for adding layers of flavors and blessing on thee bass chords.


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