Dead Prez Collaborates With Okayplayer For Official Capsule Release [Exclusive]

Dead Prez Collaborates With Okayplayer For Official Capsule Release [Exclusive]

Photo credit: Andre L. Perry for Okayplayer.

“These lids are for the people, not the pigs!”

What else can you say when the hip-hop duo known as dead prez gives you an answer like that? With the rap game continuing to evolve into a multi-billion dollar industry, record labels are becoming yesterday’s news, leaving artists such as dead prez to innovate a new way to get their message out to the masses.

For that reason and more, we have partnered up with the activist tandem to bring their confrontational, militant and black as all hell style to those wishing to fall in line with the RBG movement. In an effort to stand against corporate elitism, dead prez and Okayplayer proudly present to you the dead prez capsule collection for spring 2017.

“[It] came out just how I envisioned when giving my vision for the black-on-black tees and bandana hat ideas. I love how it all came out,” stic.man told us exclusively. The capsule, which features “Bigger Than Hip-Hop,” “Let’s Get Free” and “dead prez” logo tees, are for those who set themselves apart from this dictatorship environment led by an orange-faced orangutan. “Our music and movement is a lifestyle that represents the students of life and the change-makers out here making a difference,” stic.man said for those who aim to support dead prez, the RBG movement, and this clothing capsule.

Blessed now with the opportunity to continue to express themselves outside of music and movement, dead prez has created new work that shows that their message will not be taken in vain. For fans and those interested in joining the efforts, stic.man has these words for you: “I always hope our fans think for themselves. I hope they can support the line and tell people about it, ’cause our supporters have been asking for official quality merch for a long time. Here it is!”

The dead prez capsule collection can only be found exclusively at OKP Shop. Head over there now and let’s get free together in this information age!

Watch the capsule’s unveiling in our video below:


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