Officer Darren Wilson Used The N-Word According To Police

Officer Darren Wilson Often Used The N-Word According To Police

by Kevito
March 15, 2017 1:25 PM

Officer Darren Wilson Often Used The N-Word According To Police

Photo of Darren Wilson courtesy of Twitter.

After filmmaker Jason Pollock revealed new footage pegged to the timeline involving 18-year-old Michael Brown’s death, a new admission has surfaced making Officer Darren Wilson look more and more like a culprit.

According to civil suit documents filed last year, the former Ferguson police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown routinely used the N-word. This latest proof of systemic racism within the small town police department isn’t shocking as much as it is damning to Wilson’s already thin credibility.

“I have repeated a racist remark made by someone else, but I have not made a racist remark against another individual while on duty as a police officer,” Wilson and his lawyer responded when asked if he ever made racist remarks while on duty. Nearly 170 admissions can be found in the newly published documents by The Washington Post earlier this week.

“He never used the N-word to refer to an African American in a racist or derogatory manner,” Greg Kloeppel, Wilson’s attorney, told the Post. “And he never repeated a racist joke while on duty.” The news comes after the Department of Justice issued a report about the Ferguson PD saying that “nearly every aspect of Ferguson’s law enforcement system” finds that black people are targeted in large numbers.

The prosecution decided not to file charges against Officer Darren Wilson and have called the newly released surveillance video, “pathetic,” deeming it unworthy of reopening the case.

H/T: The Washington Post

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