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LargeUp Audio: Dancehall Queen Patra Returns With “Sweet Reggae Music”

LargeUp Audio: Dancehall Queen Patra Returns With “Sweet Reggae Music”

Patra - "Sweet Reggae Music" (single art)

As usual with all things JA-related, LargeUp called it first. Back in Fall of 2011 they sat down with Patra, the original 90s dancehall queen of “Romantic Call” fame for her first interview in years and years and no tears, even leaking some of the first music (“Come Ova”) we’d heard from her in the same span of time. Before you know it she was popping up at the Okayplayer Holiday Jam for a dancehall all-stars session with The Roots.  Now she’s back up in your speaker box with a new single, appropriately-titled “Sweet Reggae Music.” LargeUp has the story and the audio:


As the title indicates, the song is a bit of a departure from her usual style of sexy dancehall, with a one-drop riddim and a hook asserting “what the world needs now is some sweet reggae music.” Of course, this is Patra, so there’s bound to be a sexy twist on the cultural theme. And some hot artwork—in this case, a photo of her in a see-through top, her breasts covered only by her trademark braids.

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>>>Stream Patra – “Sweet Reggae Music” (via LargeUp)


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