Dam-Funk To School The World In Modern Funk w/ His Own ‘DJ Kicks’ Mix

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Dam-Funk To School The World On Modern Funk w/ His Own 'DJ Kicks' Mix

Dam-Funk To School The World On Modern Funk w/ His Own 'DJ Kicks' Mix

When it comes to the school of modern boogie and funk, Dam-Funk is the guru; a spiritual and encyclopedic center, an open channel for all things drum-machine and synth. A quick ear on any of his solo work is more than enough to prove his acumen, but this May, the Pasadena legend will add yet another peg to his undying presence by curating his very own edition in the DJ Kicks mix series. And though we’ll have to wait until May 27th for the full reveal, a track list has arrived, boasting gems, new and old, for both seasoned and novice modern funkateers, including the original composition, “Believer.” So prepare for a proper discourse as Dam-Funk readies the release. Peep the track list down below and hold tight for the full transmission to beam in next month.

Dam-Funk’s DJ-Kicks Track List:

01 Moon B – Oof
02 Nicci Gable – Close To Who?
03 Randell & Schippers – Love Jam
04 Verticle Lines – Theme From Beach Boy
05 Brandon – Suzy Hijack
06 Take Three РTonite’s The Night (All Right)
07 Index – Starlight
08 Uncle Jams Army – Dial-A-Freak
09 Gemini – Log In
10 Nexus – Stand Up (Instrumental)
11 Reggie B – Poison Candy
12 L33 – Keepin It Tight
13 Gaussian Curve – Broken Clouds
14 Tony Palkovic – True To Yourself
15 Henning – Arrival / Departure
16 Nite-Funk – Can U Read Me?
17 DaM-Funk – Believer
18 True Design – I Wanna Break
19 Crystal Winds – Funk Ain’t Easy

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