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Common x No I.D. "Summer Madness" + Cocaine 80s EP

by Eddie "STATS"
8 years ago

The 80s, it seems, was like an urban Vietnam. We will be reliving it with post-traumatic stress and war movies named after Ronald Reagan or Freeway Ricky Ross for a long time to come. Exhibit A: this mysterious new EP called The Pursuit and credited to No I.D. Presents Cocaine 80s which just hit the interwebs like a brick of you-know-what. The real news is that along with Steve Wyreman, Rob Kinelski, Kevin Randolph, James Fauntleroy and Makeba the Cocaine 80s collective also features our man Common–one of the few times he’s worked with No I.D. in recent years (ie this and this.). If you doubt the power of this Chi-town connection witness “Summer Madness” below and get the EP by paying with a tweet here. (Tracklist after the jump).

[audio:http://www.okayplayer.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Common-Summer_Madness.mp3|titles= Common “Summer Madness” (Produced by No I.D.)]

Summer Madness
To Tell You The Truth
Get You Some
Not No More
Anywhere But Here

props to FSD

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