Common Signs On To Produce ‘Cooley High’ Reboot

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Pass The Popcorn: Common Signs On To Produce 'Cooley High' Reboot

Pass The Popcorn: Common Signs On To Produce 'Cooley High' Reboot

It’s getting awfully hard to keep up with Common‘s artistic endeavors. Forget the fact that there appears to be new music on the way from the Chicago son (hear his Karriem Riggins-produced heater “Home,”) Com has been racking up new film roles on what seems like a weekly basis. Just a few weeks ago we learned that he’d signed on as the lead in a “black samurai” TV show that could be the next best thing to a live-action Afro Samurai series, which will arrive on the heels of his soon-to-come debut in the DC Comics cinematic universe as Monster T in the forthcoming big screen adaptation of Suicide Squad (out August 4th.)

Today Deadline reports that Common will try his hand on the other side of the lens, acting as producer for a remake of the 1975 Michael Schultz-directed coming-of-age classic Cooley High. He’ll join DeVon Franklin and Tony Krantz in producing the film, with Seth Rosenfeld penning the script. No director or timeline for the production has been revealed for the project just yet, but we expect those details to arrive in the weeks and months ahead. Those unfamiliar with Cooley High (or simply too young to have a frame of reference) can watch the trailer for the film down below. Keep your eyes on us for updates on the film.

h/t Deadline

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