Worship The Funky Sounds of Mike Taylor's "Electric Church" [Premiere]

Come And Worship The Funky Sounds of Mike Taylor's "Electric Church" [Premiere]

Come And Worship The Funky Sounds of Mike Taylor's "Electric Church" [Premiere]

Photo of Mike Taylor courtesy of The Purple Agency.

What do you get when you take the grit and sound of Philadelphia with the fire-and-brimstone vocal prowess of Earth, Wind & Fire and Rick James and put it all together?

A: Mike Taylor.

Full of vibrant energy, worldly sounds and has the ability to turn anything into one big dance party — Rostrum Records latest signee is using uplifting to upend the music industry as we know it. Channeling all those vibes, Mike Taylor takes us to worship the Almighty on the cut, “Electric Church,” which is ready and prime for the summer.

“Electric Church was inspired by a quote I once heard when I was younger by house music pioneer, Frankie Knuckles,” Mike told us via email. “He compared house music to church because of what he referred to as ‘Spiritual Unity’.” Proving Frankie right, Mike gathers different personalities, flavors and together they become this one, beautiful thing that is amazing and soul-stirring.

The Philly native, who grew up around dancers and dope gathers, would hear everything from Afrobeat to funk to soul to hip-hop, and get busy with the best of them. “I think these experiences really influenced my taste in music, as well as help lay the foundation of the music I love to make.”

“Electric Church,” according to him, isn’t necessarily traditional house music. “I wanted to pay homage because it’s one of the foundational elements for what we call EDM today. I wanted to celebrate and remember that house music originated in black, brown and queer communities of Chicago and Detroit,” he told us via email.

With Mike Taylor soon to hit the road on a personal tour, he hopes to place “Feel Good” vibrations into the atmosphere while he crafts his debut album which should be released later this year on Rostrum Records.

Press play on “Electric Church” below and get that Holy Ghost feeling:

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