Chuuwee Drops 'Rare Pokemon' Video to Glo-Up On Haters

Chuuwee Drops 'Rare Pokemon' Video + Glo's Up On Enemy Haters

by Kevito
3 years ago

Have I ever told you guys how much Brooklyn’s own Fresh Daily is up on the new-new before most of y’all? I was up late at night—because work doesn’t stop here at Okayplayer—and Fresh was tweeting up a storm. He posted this video from a Sacramento rapper named Chuuwee, and I thought to myself, “Where have I heard that name before?” It seems that Shamz has posted about the guy in year’s past, but I mostly recall my homeboy (and fellow scribe, Rainer Garcia) attempting to tell me about this kid who was crushing it out West in the battle scenes at the top of 2016.

How things come together on the internet only Al Gore knows.

So, the video that Fresh posted was “Rare Pokemon,” which was uploaded yesterday (Dec. 19) on YouTube. The Rich Beatz-produced song mirrors previous anime, manga-themed songs such as “Beerus” from his Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods-inspired album titled Super Supreme. Weed and women aren’t just his vices, but his Senzu beans to say the least. “Rare Pokemon,” the video, features a creatively done, yet simple treatment directed by Mikey Garcia Ortiz of MGO Productions. Exemplifying strength on the record, Chuuwee doesn’t have time for those who drop the gun, throw shade or are essentially weak on the streets.

The video illustrates this perfectly and is totally pressing play on, which you can do below.

This rising artist’s effort, Economics, is currently available to cop at iTunes. Do so now before it is too late.

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