Chicago Sun-Times Writer Attempts Smear Job Of Chance The Rapper

Chicago Sun-Times Writer Attempts Smear Job Of Chance The Rapper

by Kevito
March 09, 2017 4:18 PM

Chance The Rapper Talks Black Women, Directing In Twitter Q&A For "How Great" Video

Photo of Chance The Rapper taken by Johnny Fan for Okayplayer.

Politics, as we’ve seen over the past 49 days, has become an ugly, unsatisfying and unattractive business in our country. No one has learned that more so than Chancelor Bennett, better known as three-time Grammy Award winner Chance The Rapper.

After his historic win, Governor Bruce Rauner tweeted his congratulations to the hometown hero, who responded back with a proposition to meet to discuss how to fix the “horrible carnage” going on in Chicago. The two accepted the terms and made arrangements to meet, which ultimately didn’t go as well as Chano had planned.

To circumvent the ill taste he received from meeting Chicago’s governor, Chance made a direct donation of $1 million to Chicago Public Schools because that’s what good guys do. That move, it seems, has forced some interesting rhetoric to hit the front page of the Chicago Sun-Times. While giving props to the not-even-25-year-old rapper, scribe Mary Mitchell attempted to pull a smear job on Chance for a personal issue involving him and his child’s mother.

“Right now, Chance looks like a hero in the ‘hood. But child support is an emotionally charged issue that plays a big role in the high level of poverty in the black community. If this personal issue is handled callously in the public, Chance The Rapper’s clean-cut image could take a big hit. After all, you can’t hand out money to benefit children you don’t know and come off looking like you are being stingy when it comes to your own child.”

The writer behind this piece has admittedly never even heard any of Chance’s music, but decries that his image would “take a big hit” if he gets into a public feud with his child’s mother over support. If Mary Mitchell had listened to his music, she would discover that he and Kirsten Corley have been good for quite some time. Chance has repeatedly shouted her out on songs, hinting at an engagement and that they are on good terms while raising their daughter, Kinsley.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ll let Chance share his thoughts about the piece direct:

What seems to be scaring the gatekeepers of Chicago (yes, this includes the press) is seeing a young, able, committed black man doing the things that elected officials refuse to do. Chance has inspired others to go back into the hoods of America and invest. Chance has gained the respect and admiration of multiple generations (from the Obamas to lil’ ole’ us). So why make an issue such as child support the COVER of your paper?

It shouldn’t come as no surprise since Chicago has historically been one of the most scandalous places to live in if you’re an activist fighting against ignorance and oppression (see: Fred Hampton). For Mary Mitchell and the Chicago Sun-Times to make such a stretch to blow up Chance’s reputation means they’re afraid of the power he wields + they have every right to be that way because the jig is up.

Yes, people do love gossip, but to try and create kryptonite for Chicago’s own superhero is an insult to the forward progress, positivity and impact that Lil’ Chano from the 79th represents to a community that needs it. Step your game up, Mary, because you can’t call people out if you’re not willing to pay full attention to the facts.

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