Chance The Rapper: "Take Our Kids Off The Table"

Chance The Rapper To Gov. Bruce Rauner: "Take Our Kids Off The Table"

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Photo of Chance The Rapper taken by Johnny Fan for Okayplayer.

Three-time Grammy Award winner Chance The Rapper has placed the city of Chicago on his back throughout his short, but legendary career in hip-hop. Leveraging his place in pop culture, plus his background in politics (his father was a former deputy chief of staff to Mayor Rahm Emanuel) — Chance has kicked in doors that would take other grassroots organizations a while to break down.

One of those items on his agenda was to have a summit with Governor Bruce Rauner to talk about a myriad of things that would help fight against dwindling resources, closed down shelters and more that have hindered the Second City from shining. According to the rapper, himself, the meeting did not go as well as expected.

In the video below, you can see a visibly frustrated Chano who was “flustered” after a 30-minute conversation with the governor didn’t go as expected. The lil’ Grammy Award winner from the 79th centered his conversation around the $215 million that had been earmarked for the Chicago Public Schools. “He asked me where I thought the $215 million was supposed to come from,” Chance said as a scrum of reporters crowded around him at the elevator.

“Take our kids off the table,” he closed with as he stepped on to the elevator, driving home the point of the government using the young to get the money, and then not using it to enrich their path to education.

Chance’s community activism stems from his friends and family. He still makes regular appearances at Open Mic nights at the Harold Washington Library, and most recently he bought out a Chatham movie theater showing of Get Out and offered free tickets to anyone who showed up. After winning three Grammys in a historic and unprecedented move — Gov. Rauner sent a congratulatory tweet to the rapper who responded with a request to sit-down and talk about the city they both call home.

Watch below how Chance describes his meeting with Governor Rauner, and keep an eye out because this is just the beginning of the fight to save Chicago.

H/T: Chicago Sun Times

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