Chance The Rapper & Frank Ocean were Guests At The White House State Dinner

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Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper

We better soak up these last few months of having President Obama in office. Regardless of who wins, I don’t see too much more of this going on in the next term. Last night was the last White House State Dinner of Barack Obama’s presidency.

As is always the case, a very select and distinguished list of guests were invited to the dinner including Jerry Seinfeld, Gwen Stefani, James Taylor, Mario Batali, Roberto Benigni, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

Frank Ocean

Two additional names who were front and center at the State Dinner who caught our attention were Chance The Rapper and Frank Ocean. Chance arrived with his father Ken Bennett as his guest, who has a long history in Chicago politics (including working with a young Senator Obama). Frank brought along his mother Katonya Breaux.

ABC News has a brief clip of the entrances, including Chance speaking of hoping for another dance battle with President Obama, and Ocean explaining why he came through in a suit and checkered vans (salute that man).

H/T: Fader

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