Cartoon Barry White Talks Origin Stories & Love Making

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Cartoon Barry White Talks Origin Stories & Love Making

The late, great and immeasurable Barry White got the cartoon treatment with the latest installment of PBSBlank on Blank series, going in on everything from his inglorious beginnings in Hollywood to the thought and spirit behind his craft. Recorded in 1987 in his hometown, Joe Smith lets the big man wax unfettered, leaving us with the warmth and burliness of his baritone to guide us through those seminal moments of his career and his fundamental, almost mechanical approach to writing love songs of the highest order. Fans of cartoon Tupac or James Brown are gonna love the Hanna-Barbera version of The Man. Its a warm peek into the spirit and philosophy of his music, paying true tribute to his work ethic and legacy. Go and get your fix of the big man below.

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