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OkayGamers: “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” Fails To Disappoint

Best Buy was the place to be last night if you were one of thousands of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 enthusiasts who pre-purchased the video game before its release today. At Best Buy Union Square, NYC, where OKP got a chance to demo 2012’s most anticipated game, the air was buzzing with itchy
fingers before the witching hour, the time allotted for marauding campaigners and mercenaries eager to bust caps on one of the Magnolia theater’s big screens with surround sound, the way game play was intended.

So, what’s the verdict? You will be, stoked, too!

First we were handed a pair of LG 3D glasses but were bummed after we discovered that feature wasn’t available in the demo. OK, no biggie. We got to keep the glasses while playing several timed rounds of multiplayer free-for-all on many different “battlefields” of the game. Battlefields included
landscapes like Socotra, Yemen, a cramped yacht, a nearly destroyed aircraft carrier and a shopping plaza, to list a few of the many multiplayer scenarios.

Through upgraded character constructions and weapon selections we were able to play Player 1 with flair and pizzaz on an Xbox, shredding bots, capturing flags and watching our deaths replay in slow motion via in-game Killcam re-play. There are many ways to die in Treyarch’s latest offering which will probably reap half a billion dollars in less than a week like its predecessors. There are about ten combinations you can choose to assemble your player and his weapons but you’ll die often if the speed which you’re running lagged like it did on our demo. Plus, some of the weapons didn’t make sense as we were fighting or running for our lives.

As for the storyline, well, its a war game: don’t really expect much of that. According to press releases we were in the past and the future battling an enemy named Raul Menendez in 2025. We heard there were zombies but we didn’t meet them or Menendez in the demo.

At the end of the day, COD: BO2 will keep you entertained in multiplayer online, where the real action and bloodbath is. In short, you will get what you pay for: a good time.

Words by Cacy Forgenie


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