Bryant Dope Answers His Calling On New Single, "Maybe" [Premiere]

Bryant Dope Answers His Calling On New Single, "Maybe" [Premiere]

Bryant Dope Answers His Calling On New Single, "Maybe" [Premiere]

Do you remember the dreams you had when you were 24-years-old, Okayplayers? Hell, if you’re in your twenties now, what are your aspirations. If they are anything like Queens rapper Bryant Dope then we sincerely hope you have similar success as this budding talent. Energetic, focused and about delivering effortless verses, Bryant Dope has that classic blend of boom-bap delivery with that New New York style. With those attributes in mind, we are excited to introduce you to this artist and his newest single, “Maybe,” as an OKP exclusive.

A Bellrose, Queens original, Bryant Dope’s street-wise lyricism, certified ear for sweet beats and a raw-from-the-gut message for the listener makes him an average Joe with way-above-average skills. “I was inspired [to make “Maybe”] through the production of Joao Donato,” he told us in a brief email interview. “I heard it and wanted to convey the story of a young man falling in love. I wanted to show the thought process of a young man realizing that this girl he has been seeing might be the one for him.”

Birthed in a similar vein as greats like A Tribe Called Quest, DMX and 2Pac — Bryant Dope’s style and substance approach is one that we here at Okayplayer (and you out there on the inters-of-nets) can get behind. “I expect the listeners to take away a moment,” he shared with us. “I want the listener to use this song as a way to slow down that moment and to understand all that goes into that thought process. This song is a glimpse into the process of falling in love.”

Listen to “Maybe” below and share your feelings about the track with Bryant Dope (and us!) on Twitter @BryantDope.

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