Brayton Bowman Drops His Mixtape, '22 Minutes Later'

Brayton Bowman Drops His Autobiographical Mixtape, '22 Minutes Later'

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It’s quite interesting how the people mob an artist after showing out for us here at Okayplayer in our Okay Space.

Philly’s own Brayton Bowman came through and crushed his debut appearance amongst us music snobs with charisma, singing chops and a creativity that cannot be masked. Today, Feb. 24, the man we’ve dubbed “The Best Out” has released new original music in the form of his debut mixtape titled, 22 Minutes Later.

With accolades from Idolator, Huffington Post, SPIN, The FADER and, of course, Okayplayer — Brayton Bowman has rightfully become one of “five artists to watch this year.” “The Second I’m Rich,” a song we had the pleasure to hear in Okay Space before the world did, is a tight record “that Max Martin could be proud of,” according to FADER.

22 Minutes Later marks Bowman’s journey from a student of the game to an artist who has found himself. “My stuff is all autobiographical,” he said in a press release. “I want you to know that if you hear me singing, it’s from my journal.” Imbued by the soulful riffs from Motown, the deep, dirty house base of R&B and old-school jazz, Brayton Bowman creates his own sound within it all.

Produced in conjunction with MNEK, the two spent their time between the Big Apple and East London. “In the UK, they haven’t forgotten that pop music means ‘popular’ — there’s no identity to it,” he said in the same press release. “In America, everybody stays in their lane,” which makes the end result of 22 Minutes Later a journey worth experiencing.

Listen to the 22 Minutes Later below + keep an eye out for when Brayton Bowman is in a town or city near you.

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