'Black-ish' Actor Allen Maldonado Creates Digital App For Short Films

'Black-ish' Actor Allen Maldonado Creates Digital App For Short Films

'Black-ish' Actor Allen Maldonado Creates Digital App For Short Films

Photo of Allen Maldonado courtesy of Twitter.

Chances are that you have seen Allen Maldonado‘s name even if his face remains a bit unfamiliar. As a staff writer on STARZ‘s hit series, Survivors Remorse, and a recurring presence on ABC‘s Black-ish — Maldonado is an ambitious creative who has more than what meets the eye. In addition to those hats, he wears a few others as a young entrepreneur who runs his own record label (Get It Done Records), a film production company (Only Son Productions), a t-shirt line (Vineyards’ Phinest) and now, he’s launching an app for filmmakers.

Called Everybody Digital, the app is for filmmakers who specifically develop short films. Announced at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, the application made its public reveal on April 1st. The 33-year-old actor said that the purpose behind Everybody Digital was to “expand the viewership and audience for these filmmakers.” “I believe [short films] are one of the most overlooked in the entertainment industry,” Allen said. In his opinion, Everybody Digital is “the short-form version of Netflix.”

With Everybody Digital, filmmakers are connected to a library of licensed, award-winning films around the globe. For those cinephiles who know just how meticulous being a short film creator is — it is true that it takes a special skill and a unique kind of attention to detail. “I created Everybody Digital for short filmmakers because I was frustrated,” Allen told Essence in an interview. “Once a film goes through the film festival circuit, it’s like, “What’s next?” and the answer is—nothing. There’s no distribution, there’s no platform to showcase your short film.”

Armed with a sound vision, Everybody Digital is a growing process. “I am building a team in Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta, to start,” he said to Essence with millennials in mind for his base audience. “They [millennials] are unplugging traditional media delivery. 90% of them don’t watch television; they consume the majority of their content through their mobile phones. That’s our demographic; that’s the future.”

If you want to check out more from Everybody Digital or submit an entry, please check out the site here.

H/T: Essence

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