After Two Magical Seasons, ‘Black Dynamite’ Has Been Cancelled

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After Two Magical Seasons, 'Black Dynamite' Has Been Cancelled

After Two Magical Seasons, 'Black Dynamite' Has Been Cancelled

After a historic two-season run as the sharpest and most irreverent show this side of The Boondocks, Black Dynamite has sadly been axed. The show’s chief writer and the penman of it’s absolutely remarkable and poignant police brutality musical — which will now serve as the show’s silver-tongued, Oz-ified coup de grace — Carl Jones took to Twitter a few hours ago to announce the untimely demise of his latest and greatest triumph in the realm of satire. And while I’m sure we’re all gonna need a few days, weeks or months (depending on your devotion) to swallow this wholly unfortunate pill, let’s not forget all of the bite, grit, comedic excellence and –naturally– Kung Fu that BD brought into our lives. And let’s all hope that this isn’t the last we’ve heard from Jones & Co., who have given us all the pop culture conspiracy theories one could stand to bear. I mean, it doesn’t seem too difficult to assume, at this point, that MJ was anything but a musical alien. A sad, sad day indeed. RIP Black Dynamite, you will forever be missed. Sad face emoji.

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