Black California High School Students Targeted In 'Kill List'

Black California High School Students Targeted In 'Kill List'

Black California High School Students Targeted In 'Kill List'

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A “kill list” specifically targeting black students at Monta Vista High School was discovered last fall. Now, African-American leaders are calling out the school’s administration and the local sheriff’s office for failing to take action.

In a report from Mercury News, the list first appeared on social media in September. Administrators reportedly failed to disclose the list to the students or to law enforcement, which is why both administrators and the local sheriff’s office are being charged.

“You’re talking about killing people in school. Killing people—you understand,” Walter Wilson, from the African-American Community Service Agency, said, according to ABC7.

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“They created a kill list, and on the list were the names of six or seven African-American students in the school,” attorney Richard Richardson added. Richardson, who represents one of the students who left the school following the incident, has filed a suit on the student’s behalf. The lawsuit accuses the district of violating federal and civil rights claims and state education codes by failing to prevent discrimination against black students and failing to enforce anti-bullying policies.

“They gave a specific and credible threat that they would kill her with bullets, and they talked about how many bullets it would take,” Richardson said in regards to the student.

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The kill list was reportedly made by six to 10 nonblack students and shared on Instagram and Snapchat, and included intentions to “shoot and kill all black students at the high school.” It also referred to the black students using a racial slur.

Although the school claimed that it investigated the incident in September and that it took “appropriate disciplinary action,” Richardson said that there was no discipline considered against the students.

Source: MercuryNews.com, ABC7.com

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