OKP Exclusive: Big Ghost’s 14 FOH-est Moments of 2014

Rap LP sales 2014: Big Ghost's 14 FOH-est Moments of 2014

2. Worst Year For Hip Hop Ever – This aint bout a single moment or event or nothin…this is basically speakin on the fact that 2014…as far as milestones or releases or jus anything that would make it a dope year for the culture was pretty muthafuckin wack. The fact that J Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive is the highest sellin rap album of the year n that shit still aint een go gold yet tells you ey’thing you need to kno bout the impact 2014 had on us bruh. When its all said n done tho…n the history of the earth n all the creatures of the planet done come to its end…n the gods open up the books on mankind n look under RAP MUSIC n see all the important landmarks that came to be throughout the 80s, 90s, 00s…n they come to 2014 n see the Iggys n the Shmurdas n the Young Thugs n the Rich Homie Quans n all the bullshit fast food rap yall done let flourish while ignoring the fuck outta the dope shit that slid past a whole lot of yall this year…they not gon be too impressed nahmean. Truth be told there was a lof of dope hip hop out this year. Jus wasnt enough support for the right artists n what we got left wit was some abysmal shit bruh.

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