Stream Big Cats' New 'What If It Doesn't Get Better' Tape

Premiere: Big Cats' New Project Eases Existential Angst With Atmospheric Notes

by zo
March 24, 2016 11:03 AM

Premiere: Big Cats' New Project Treats Existential Angst With Experimental Beats
Photo by Erin Pederson

Over the last year, Minnesotan dynamo, Big Cats, has treated us to heaps of audible and visual treats, ranging from a full tape of Frank Ocean rarities to his own cerebral compositions. Today, however, we have the pleasure of bringing you the premiere of his latest haul, What If It Doesn’t Get Better?; an 8-track EP of high-grade atmospherics to ease your existentialist angst.

The album hosts a short list of features, including contributions from frequent collaborators, Lydia Liza, Eric MaysonGen Devine, Nelson Devereaux, and Claire de Lune. In an email to OKP, Cats explained: 

A few of the songs are about astral projection, being in multiple places at once, time travel, remote viewing, UFOs, conspiracy theories, space travel. One of the songs is about the Moon possibly being a giant spaceship.

All of which is to say, that if you’re looking to cure your earthly anxieties (or even feel the full brunt of their weight) What If It Doesn’t Get Better? is a damn-good place to start. Stream the latest from Big Cats down below and if you’re looking to extend the voyage, pick up your copy on vinyl or MP3 via his site today.

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