Ben Khan Shares New Celestial Funk Demo "Blade"

Ben Khan Keeps It Celestial On New Demo Cut "Blade (Tidal Wave Of Love)"

Ben Khan's Funk Electrifies On His Latest Single "1000"

Ben Khan has released a brand new “demo” single that’s so well-developed and wild that we’re wondering if this is a case of mistaken classification. “Blade (Tidal Wave of Love)” gurgles forth, a bit of moonlit funk sourced from subterranean rhythm mines, and is one of the most haunting efforts that the young British songwriter/producer has ever released. Clicks and kicks ricochet at the edges of the mix, while Khan’s signature guitar and frosted vocals intertwine. This is city night poetry.

Last we heard from Khan he was sharing his gorgeous, near-relentless 1000 EP, which showcased his guitar and synth compositions flying fast into the dance-funk stratosphere. Now, with “Blade,” he’s dropped the altitude a bit, but the intensity and allure is all the same. At times beckoning at Radiohead, at others The Weeknd and James Blake, the single is top-tier Khan, never mind the “demo” disclaimer.

In what appears to be an official video for the track, Khan has offered up visuals that fit the beats bespoke. Strange architecture, broken monuments, glittering cities and grainy noir footage all come into view, setting the mood just right. The footage appears to be old stock scenes that may have been culled from the depths of public domain–but then a little filmic crate-digging never hurt anyone. Khan is offering free downloads of the track via his personal tumblr page, and you can listen to the track in full below.

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