Beats 'n Bytes: Here's 5 Things You Need To Know in Hip-Hop + Tech

Beats 'n Bytes: Here's 5 Things You Need To Know in Hip-Hop + Tech

Beats 'n Bytes: Here's 5 Things You Need To Know in Hip-Hop + Tech

Photo provided by Nue Agency.

Lot of hot scoops happening this week in tech. F8 which was Facebook’s big developers conference was last week and the big talk is about Chatbots, VR and more. Ryan Leslie got a great cameo for the work he’s doing with Chatbots. I’m loving how Facebook continues to push things forward even if they have completely swagger jacked Snapchat with their stories feature on Instagram.

Anyway, new week in the hustle. Here are the five things you need to know about in hip-hop + tech.

The Hot New Hip-Hop Producer Who Does Everything on His iPhone

Steve Lacy, grammy nominated producer and emerging artist, has utilized his smartphone as his personal studio since he first started making music.

Samsung will use Google Play Music as the default music app on its devices

Samsung is giving Google Play Music a big push. Today, coinciding with the retail launch of the Galaxy S8, both companies announced that Google’s music app will become the preferred music player on Samsung mobile devices.

Facebook is working on tech that will read your thoughts and let you ‘hear’ with your skin

Facebook‘s annual developer conference included updates to Messenger, Workplace, its virtual assistant M, and some more ambitious projects

From Kanye to Kings of Leon, Why Artists Need Creative Directors In The Age of Instagram

Virgil Abloh, creative director for Kanye West, advises the hip-hop mogul on everything from tour merchandise design and album covers to music video concepts and identifying underground artists on Tumblr who eventually worked their way into West’s work.

Complex Networks increases its push into a TV-like video strategy

Being a “video-first” company means something different for Complex Networks than it does for most digital publishers, according to Rich Antoniello. “If you want to win in video, don’t dip your toe in the pool and say, ‘Here’s 14 people dedicated to this,’” said the Complex Networks CEO. “Go all in.”

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