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B - je s u s ▲ [LP]

by shamz
8 years ago

An artist that any OKP fan should be very familiar with, let’s call him B, just dropped off an album last night,  je s u s ▲. In typical B fashion, dude struck with no warning. As we await his major label release, this rough 11 track project emerges on the net. I’m not going to say dude’s name, but it will be very obvious (if it isn’t already) by track 2. Production on je s u s ▲ is provided by The Alchemist, Madlib, Hezekiah, Knxwledge, Nathan, and godleeBarnes. B did say he he’s sitting on over 400 joints, guess he had to get them out somehow. Poor mixing aside, this is pretty thorough – stream/purchase after the jump. Shout out to Sweeney for the heads up.

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