Audiophiles Connect To Kemi Ade On Her Spiritual Cut, "Third" [Premiere]

Audiophiles Connect To Kemi Ade On Her Spiritual Cut, "Third" [Premiere]

Audiophiles Connect To Kemi Ade On Her Spiritual Cut, "Third" [Premiere]

Photo of Kemi Ade courtesy of Raised By Wolves PR.

The illustrious, beautiful Kemi Ade has been on our radar since the tail end of 2016. We’re finally making headway with her to introduce her promptly to our Okayplayer audience, but in the meantime, we’re excited to premiere her new track from her upcoming O.W.Nesty EP.

Titled “Third,” the soulectic vibes are in full effect as Kemi Ade delivers an effortless entrĂ©e of jazz, folk and hip-hop that should satiate the appetite of any true blue audiophile. Defying definition, Kemi Ade has a voice (and a future) that should take her out of the neighborhoods of Croydon, South London and take her around the globe multiple times.

“‘Third’ is about the type of connection I want with someone,” she told us in an email exchange. “It is more than just a physical attraction, it describes something that will take me somewhere I can experience and feel new things. A spiritual and emotional connection in its purest form. When the audience hears it, I just want them to feel like a connection has been made that is still possible. That you can still have something pure and sacred with someone. And, if you are already in the space to hold on to it, it is because it’s a beautiful and rare thing to find.”

A striking, soul-stirring song, “Third” is the continuing development of Kemi Ade’s style and sound. Her diamond-like vocals cut through the woozy loops and beats to reveal a deeply rich + emotive persona. We’re so ready to dive into this adventurous story of Kemi Ade’s life, love and experiences. So, with that in mind, grab a seat, press play and get ready to vibe out to the seductive tones of Kemi Ade, who promises that O.W.Nesty will “encourage people to immerse themselves in a pure moment.”

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