Audio: Willis Earl Beal "Evening's Kiss" - Okayplayer

Audio: Willis Earl Beal "Evening's Kiss"

Another song from one of Okayplayer’s most anticipated artists for 2012 (seriously, I am making a list and checking it 12 times) has surfaced online. “Evening’s Kiss” expands the elusive Willis Earl Beal‘s catalog of hearable music from 6 songs to 7, unless you are one of the lucky fools who copped the Acousmatic Sorcery box set put out by Found Magazine (see our First Look feature for more details). The song speaks for itself–if you are patient enough to let the dumb-simple guitar line lead you to the odd poetry of lines like:  “Still disillusioned and cool catatonic / always in a daze without smoking that chronic” and “Ask me whom I’m with and I’ll tell you I’m without.” Acousmatic Sorcery will be get a proper release from Hot Charity/XL records sometime this year and this song will be on it.

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