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Audio: Sade "The Moon And The Sky (Remix)" feat. Jay-Z

by shamz
9 years ago

We warned y’all it was coming, and now we have the much discussed Sade and Jay-Z collaboration “The Moon and The Sky (Remix).” I can’t say I was too excited to hear about this pairing, and I feared for the worst when it was announced. Sade and Jay-Z are without question legends in their respective genres, but I really didn’t want to hear Jay rapping alongside one of my favorite vocalists. So with my lowered expectations, after a few spins, I must admit this song isn’t bad. “The Moon and The Sky (Remix)” will appear on Sade’s The Ultimate Collection, which will hit shelves May 3rd.

[audio:http://static.okayplayer.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Sade-The_Moon_And_The_Sky_Remix_feat_Jay-Z.mp3|titles=Sade “The Moon And The Sky (Remix)” feat. Jay-Z]

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