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Audio: NaS "The Don" [Radio Debut on Funkmaster Flex]

cover art for Nas' new single "Don" featuring the voice of Super Cat and production from Salaam Remi and the late Heavy D

Bloodclaat! As promised, NaS turned the tables and dropped a bomb on Funkmaster Flex today with his the debut of his heavyweight new single “The Don.” It’s produced by Salaam Remi (“Made U Look”; “Nasty” and–most relevant in this case–“Ghetto Red Hot”) with an extended Super Cat intro (watch the sample-source video after the jump) and sample on the hook, girded by a huge 808 and staccato drum you might expect more from a Swizz banger. My head is still ringing from the beat and general vibes, so will have to analyse Nas’ lyrics after I post, but…wait, hold the phone. This is not a solo Salaam production, it’s a joint effort from Remi, Da Internz and the late, great Heavy D! –probably one of the few men in the industry with the links to sample Cat’s voice without fear of repercussions from his percussions. My head just blew up AGAIN. We’ll have to get LargeUp on the case to find out the full backstory and let you know if that is–as it sounds–a sample from an early Cat 45 or an actual feature from the legendary Don Dada. More soon!

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