Audio: King "Hey" - Okayplayer

Audio: King "Hey"

by Eddie "STATS"
9 years ago

For the last few days it seems like everybody we know is talm bout this new group KING who (reversing the conventional logic of royalty) opened up for Prince at the L.A. Forum Sunday night. The buzz is understandable since the all-female trio landed the spot (which has been held down previously by legends like Chaka Khan) more or less out the blue, having only released a 3-song EP to date. And even though we weren’t in L.A. on Sunday (ok some of us were but we were busy) a quick listen to the music will confirm that the buzz is justified. “Hey” is the track that has us stuck on sunny this first day of June (listening to it is kind of like the first time you heard that Omar song) but “The Story” and “Supernatural” are equally powerful. Best believe more music and info on this group will be forthcoming!

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