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Audio: Aaron Livingston “Alright Then” (#Occupy Anthem)

by Eddie "STATS"
7 years ago

“The only thing i’m occupying these days is my studio, or someone’s couch, but the Occupy movement is making an impression.” – Aaron Livingston.

You ever have one of those déjà vu moments when somebody says what you were thinking? That happened just now when Aaron Livingston of Icebird and Young Vipers fame (not to mention “Sleep“) hit us up with “Alright Then,” an incredibly timely song written in response to the fuckery around and against #OccupyWallSt situation that continues to unfold day by day (read here on last night’s riot-suited and booted maneuvers in NYC). Here is what he said:

Looking back at it, I guess the song is really just an answer to people who think the protests are just a bunch of lazy fucks that want what the 1% have without working for it.  Speaking for myself, I wouldn’t even want the kind of lives those creepy bastards have, and most of them didn’t have to work very hard (if at all) for what they have. I just want to be able to enjoy my life and be paid and treated fairly.  In other words, I want my constitutional rights, at the very least, and right now, i don’t think it’s fair to say we have that.  Thus, people are camped in the streets talking about it. Or in the studio writing about it, in my case.

Well said, left brain. Stream/download below and get the lyrics for “Alright Then” after the jump. Youngbird Ice Viper all day.



Lyrics for “Alright Then”

(random unintelligible freestyle rapping)

when all the people gather
building to a lather
all our anger
slowly you perceive a feeling so uneasy
remember all the times you cheated
things we needed
you had overflowing
your history shows you’ve been way more than alright…

but so am i
all i need is a small slice
no i don’t need the whole pie
nah, man trust me i’m alright

alright, alright

you laugh and laugh and laugh
in golden baths and have the staff
prepare the bath
and after that we’ll have more laughs and that’s it
that’s exactly why we’re so over (it)
all your soldiers know
who owns the wars they fight
that bring them only phobias
and PTSD

so no, we’re not
all i need is a small slice
no i don’t need the whole pie
nah, man trust me i’m alright

alright, alright

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