Alan Leeds Says 'Thank You' To Prince Rogers Nelson

Alan Leeds Says 'Thank You' To His Friend, Prince Rogers Nelson


An American treasure, Alan Leeds, has been apart of legendary careers such as James Brown, D’Angelo and Chris Rock for the latter part of a four decades. In addition to his career in management for artists, Leeds has had the pleasure of being a close confidant to Prince Rogers Nelson, even penning the liner notes for 1993’s box set The Hits/The B-Sides. The closeness between Alan, his brother Eric and Prince grew as time wore on, as the trio enjoyed immense success with the Purple Rain Tour.

The shocking announcement that Prince had left us caused ripples throughout the world, yet it personally hit Alan, his brother Eric and wife Gwen particularly hard. With his brother penning his own remembrance + tribute, Alan has recently done the same. Through the Medium page of Touré, Alan wrote a symbolic “thank you” letter to his friend, comrade and musical compatriot, which you can read a partial excerpt from below:

“It was just his time.” I HATE it when people say that after someone passes.
Prince died alone in a friggin elevator………..what spiritual power would have designed it that way?

Would it have been his time had he stayed in an Illinois hospital last week and received treatment? Would it have been his time if he had walked down Paisley steps instead of taking the elevator?

The facts are that this man was still actively performing, throwing parties, cycling around Minneapolis’ suburbs……does that sound like it was HIS time?

It wasn’t his time because it wasn’t MY time. Wasn’t my time to lose a friend, a generous, memorable employer, someone I ate with, drank with, partied with and, yes, worked for during the most formative and rewarding years in my career — someone without whom my life might have been radically different.”

Eric, in his piece, noted that “men like Prince aren’t meant to grow old,” yet Alan asks the appropriate question in response to that statement: “What men are like Prince?” In this case, there was and will never be another human being quite like Prince Rogers Nelson. His talent, work ethic, creative genius and seemingly superhuman natural musical gifts made him an anointed being amongst the rest of us, and we will forever love him.

Alan, who was equally blessed to witness landmark performers, singers, musicians and writers, clearly was taken aback by the lost of Prince. Yet, it is something he doesn’t take for granted. Read Alan Leeds’ heart wrenching tribute + thank you to Prince in full by clicking on the link here.

H/T: Touré

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