Ab-Soul Hints To a "Secret Album" In Top Dawg's Vault

Ab-Soul Hints To a "Secret Album" In Top Dawg's Vault

by Kevito
3 years ago

Ab-Soul is adding fuel to the speculative fire that is this mysterious second project using just a simple tweet. Fans are already disappointed over Kendrick Lamar‘s nonexistent surprise second album (or is it more than that) — but it doesn’t help to have the lyrical monster, Ab-Soul messing with people’s minds.

In a tweet, which you can see below, sent this afternoon (May 2), Soul Brotha No. 2 casually revealed that Top Dawg has a “secret album in the vault.” Ending the shocking statement with an “lol,” it remains unclear if the rapper was serious or if he was just pulling a joke on the eStreets.

No word from Top Dawg, Punch or Dave Free on the matter. Ab-Soul has made noise on a major level before when he called out TDE in frustration of his album delays. And when you think about what’s actually in Top Dawg’s vault (unreleased Black Hippy, perhaps) — you think that Ab-Soul might be doing more than just a simple trolling.


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