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Video: Kam Moye "Black Enough"

by shamz
10 years ago

Here is a much needed song and video that actually makes you think for a change. Kam Moye‘s “Black Enough” does not just bring up race in America but goes a little deeper. As black people in this country we are subject to many racial stereotypes from other races, but also many that come from ourselves as well. Many feel as though they have to play a certain role in order to be considered “black enough” to fit in. Being black enough not only refers to how we behave socially, but how we view black people with lighter complexions. In this video Kam Moye puts it all in perspective and points out how foolish the idea of being “Black Enough” really is. Before I get into a whole racial monologue on here, watch the video, then head over to The Lesson and discuss.

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