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The Roots "Lovely, Love My Family" (Yo Gabba Gabba)

by dantana
11 years ago

We went to post this when the video hit YouTube, but it was quickly removed.  Then I decided to save it for Holiday Season considering it's lovey-family theme.  Then I got swept away to Tokyo with DJ Soul and just got back last night.  Well, without further ado, The Roots on NickJr's Yo Gabba Gabba show performing their song "Lovely, Love My Family."  I am going to guess the song writing was lead by Capt Kirk (a father of two himself).  Black Thought and Maldog are the other fathers in the group.  Roots fans (all of you reading?) should not miss the opportunity to go to  NickJr.com and watch the video (following a short word from their sponsor).

In other Roots on TV news, NBC and The Roots recently announced their plans to come on as the house band for the new Late Show with Jimmy Fallon set to launch in March '09.

The Roots "Lovely, Love My Family"


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