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Suite For Ma Dukes EP (orchestral Dilla music) - "Fall In Love"

by shamz
11 years ago

As we mentioned last week, today, February 10th, marks the 3 year anniversary of James Dewitt Yancey's (aka J Dilla) untimely death. A number of projects have been put together to honor Jay's legacy and to help raise money for his family and/or for various Lupus foundations. One of the more creative projects I've come across is this one, The Suite For Ma Dukes EP. This project was put together by Carlos Nino and Miguel Atwood Ferguson, and it's a 4 song EP featuring orchestral interpretations of some of J Dilla's finest work. We have been given the go-ahead to stream one track from the EP, an interpretation of Slum Village's "Fall In Love." To this day I don't think I've let a week pass by without playing this song, so I'm glad they chose it. Proceeds from the EP will go to Jay Dee's mom, Ma Dukes. Go show some support and buy the full project on iTunes, or cop the vinyl when it drops in April via Mochilla. If you will be in the LA area on February 22nd, get that real life feel for the project as a 36-piece orchestra performs the Suite For Ma Dukes EP live at the Harriet and Charles Luckman Fine Arts Complex.

Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood Ferguson "Fall In Love"

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